How Apps Would Have Dulled Seinfeld

If apps had existed in the 1990s, some of Seinfeld’s most celebrated episodes would never have been been written.

The Soup Nazi episode negated by DoorDash. 

The Lost Car episode quashed by a car finding app. 

George’s Trivial Pursuit dispute with the Bubble Boy mitigated by a virtual assistance app.    

The Chinese Restaurant episode annulled by OpenTable.

What we’ve gained in app-convenience we’ve lost in folly, serendipity and happenstance – the cornerstones of experiences. 

And experiences, after all, are life’s spice rack. They are what season our days with memories, provisioning us with character, confidence, identity, authenticity, perspective.

This is not to suggest, of course, that we remove all apps from our devices. But rather that we give occasional pause to how predictable our days are becoming, borderline robotic, from scripting every action through our apps. And that, as Seinfeld proved, we do not forfeit our moment-defining capacity for folly.

Digital Detox Desert Thoughts

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Colorado Mountain Goat

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