Why I speak…

I speak about digital balance because I had my brain rewired by the internet so that it now craves digital distraction. Consequently, writing, something that once came easy for me, is now a struggle. Not because I don’t want to write, but because I now lack the mental stamina to focus that is essential for writing, feeling constantly compelled to jump online and chase the usual diversion-culprits: e-mail, social media, news and sports headlines.

So this is why I speak.

This is why I  travel the country talking about digital balance.

Because if this can happen to me it could happen to anyone.

I speak to raise awareness to how pervasive our electronic devices are becoming in our lives to the extent they are controlling us rather than us controlling them, making us reactive rather than proactive, causing us to compromise the power and potential that comes from being in the moment.

In my Digital Balance presentation you will…

  • Learn that digital balance is not about throwing away our devices, but about throwing away our potential to constant online distraction.
  • Learn that the underlying problem with so much screen time is that we’re devoting as much time, if not more, to the unimportant – web surfing, social media scrolling, video watching –  as we do to the important – family, goals, careers.
  • Become aware to how our ever-increasing screen time is affecting us, including our kids, mentally and physically.
  • Gain insight on how focus has become today’s new superpower.
  • Learn some simple tips on how to stem screen-checking compulsions and create time away from our devices.

2nd Presentation: Experience Famine: Too Much Viewing, Not Enough Doing

Experiences are what bond us, what color our lives with authenticity, what museum our memories. This bears especially true with outdoor experiences. But in today’s screen-obsessed world experiences are being replaced by online diversions that promote sedentary lifestyles and rob us, especially our kids, of the kick-ass awe of life.

In my Experience Famine presentation you will…

  • Recognize the power of a first-hand experience versus “experiencing” it on a screen.
  • Learn how the lack of first-hand experiences is making our kids ill-prepared for transitioning into adulthood.
  • Gain insight, through research and statistics, on how our screens are fostering sedentary lifestyles at the expense of life-enriching experiences.
  • Learn some easy-to-adopt tips on how to educate and motivate people to do rather than view.

Comedic background…

As an added bonus I use my 20-plus years as a nationally touring stand-up comedian, performing with the likes of Brian Regan, Martin Short and John Oliver, to deliver a presentation that is not only enlightening and inspiring, but also engagingly entertaining.

What People Are Saying…

“We thoroughly enjoyed Jeff as our Keynote Speaker for the Alaska Recreation and Park Association. He brought energy, humor, and very relevant information; perfect for our association! I would recommend Jeff for any audience, any venue, any profession: people need to hear his message!””

Michael Bork, Conference Chair, 2019 ARPA Annual Conference

“On behalf of the entire CCCEAC board, thank you so much for the awesome presentation!  We were laughing as we learned all about the red flags of digital addiction.  I wish we had an extra half an hour with you so that we could’ve heard more!”

Katherine Helms – Chair of the Contra Costa County Employer Advisory Council (California)

““Jeff was our closing keynote speaker at our big client summit this year.  After a long day of technical information his presentation hit home with the attendees on digital distractions and his humor really was a great way to end the day”

Peter Sustr – IMA Financial Group’s 2022 Innovation Insights Summit

“Jeff’s closing General Session presentation was one of the reasons the participants called this year’s Symposium, one of the best ever. Jeff is a true talent!”

New York State Corrections and Youth Services Association

“Excellent presenter – please bring him back next year!”…”Funny, entertaining speaker, leaving me wanting to hear more.”…Funny, fun and informative!”

Appalachian Mountain Club Summit

“I’ve been to many presentations over the years through work but Jeff’s stood out to me more than most.”

Adam Graber – Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

“Jeff was a fun, dynamic speaker who brought humor and an impactful message to our lineup of speakers. He drew a packed room and definitely left attendees asking for more.”

Christine Dean – Northern New England Recreation & Parks Conference

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