My Now – 01/12/2022

This is how my brain feels when attempting to write while on the computer with full online access:

On the weighted-down end of a red teeter-totter, representing digital distraction, is Yamato, a 401-pound Japanese sumo wrestler. On the other end, representing focus, are the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. The twins, with legs flailing, are suspended, at a 45-degree angle, at the apex of the teeter-totter. They are powerless. Try as they might they are unable to provide any counterbalance to Yamato’s weight. Consequently, unless he removes himself, the Olsen twin’s immediate now is compromised.
They cannot address projects.
They cannot address goals.
They cannot check off items on personal to-do lists.
They can only flounder.
So yeah, that’s how digital distraction feels to me. or 303.229.0583.