My Now – 7/23/2020

                            EXPERIENCES VERSUS DIVERSIONS

There’s no denying, during these days of infinite ugh, that our screens are helping us cope.

Yet, as a result, we’re now collectively spending almost 12 hours per day on various media platforms.

That’s a lot of sitting.

That’s a lot of viewing, without much doing.

It’s what writer Robert Pyle had in mind when he coined the phrase, “the extinction of experiences.”

In the context of current COVID realities there’s no harm in this. But we can’t lose sight of the importance of finding time to step outside (this bears especially true with our kids), away from our screens, for needed balance in the pursuit of experiences.

Our screens can provide diversions, but not experiences.

And it’s experiences, not diversions, that free us from the tyranny of comfort zones, allow us to expand  and, with any luck, line our memory shelves with trophy moments.

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