…Apologies. I’m not a fan of this photo either.

But Because I harbor the tech-acumen of a
Remote indigenous new guinea tribesman i can’t change it.

frustrating, actually.

I’m to computers as captain Crunch is to maritime history.
And yes, I digress…Here’s my tale:

I’m a stand-up comedian with an outdoor bent. I like to ski and backpack and neighbor with wildlife and then joke about it. Imagine a transgendered Jane Goodall with a sense of humor.

(Visual examples can be found on my Wildlife page.)

I’m lucky. This has allowed me to work with some shockingly talented people (Martin Short, Brian Regan, John Oliver…) and perform on some high-five-cool stages (Red Rocks, the Vegas Strip…)

And because I perform clean comedy, in addition to the clubs, I also work as a corporate comedian with an outdoor angle.

(Photo: Mt Everest Base Camp 2 on Denver’s 16th Street Mall.)

Upon hearing this it sometimes prompts people to share, “I like spending time outdoors too.”

Being a comedian I’ll respond with something amazingly witty like, “Good for you.”

Impressed with this quick-witted reply people often follow with
“Can you tell me more about your credentials?”

And I hand them this:


  • Outdoor Ambassador for Mountain Khakis
  • World Record Holder in the 17-yard dash
  • First person to ever attempt to scale Everest starting from Denver, Colorado
  • Number of times I treed a bear and her cub – 1
  • Number of times charged by a bear protecting her cub – 1
  • Number of times I self-nominated myself for a Darwin Award after getting charged by a bear protecting her cub – 1


  • National touring club & corporate comedian for 18 years
  • Based out of Denver’s world-famous Comedy Works
  • Comedians I performed with: Martin Short, Brian Regan, John Oliver, Lewis Black…
  • Cool venues I performed at: Las Vegas Riviera, Beaver Creek’s Vilar Center, Great American Comedy Festival.
  • Coolest venue I performed at: Red Rocks Amphitheatre
  • Named by the Mother Nature Network as one of the nation’s top environmental comedians (even though my act is outdoor-recreation based)
  • Humor articles published in more than 40 publications including ESPN’s Active.com, Cabin Life, and the Explorer Club’s Explorers Journal.

Those who are interested in maybe hiring me for a corporate event then say something like,
“Hmm, good to know.”

But those who are really interested ask,
“Do you perform a regular comedy act or deliver an outdoor presentation?”

And I then reply,
“It depends on your needs. I can provide a clean comedy stand-up act or combine it with a humorous outdoor presentation that employs PowerPoint and stresses the importance of incorporating the outdoors into our lives through outdoor recreation with the hope of inspiring active lifestyles and heightening awareness to the importance of protecting open spaces.”

Not used to such verbose answers I’m then winded. And rather than talking some more I hand them the following contact info: