Why I speak…

I speak about digital balance because I had my brain rewired by the internet so that it now craves digital distraction. Consequently, writing, something that once came easy for me, is now a struggle. Not because I don’t want to write, but because I now lack the mental stamina to focus, feeling constantly compelled to jump online and chase the usual diversion-culprits: e-mail, social media, news and sports headlines.

So this is why I talk about digital balance, to raise awareness to how pervasive our electronic devices are becoming in our lives to the extent they are controlling us rather than us controlling them, making us reactive rather than proactive.

My presentation delivers…

  • Insight on how it’s in the financial interest of websites, social media platforms, video games and streaming services to keep us on our screens.
  • Awareness to how our ever-increasing screen time is affecting us, including our kids, mentally and physically.
  • Awareness to how our screen obsessions are stealing time at the expense of family, friends, jobs, health, and personal aspirations.
  • Tips on how to curb screen-checking compulsions.
  • Awareness to the importance of stepping outside, without our devices, and allowing our brains to reboot.

Comedic background…

As an added bonus I use my 20-plus years as a nationally touring stand-up comedian, performing with the likes of Brian Regan, Martin Short and John Oliver, to deliver a presentation that is not only enlightening and inspiring, but also engagingly entertaining.

What People Are Saying…

“We thoroughly enjoyed Jeff as our Keynote Speaker for the Alaska Recreation and Park Association. He brought energy, humor, and very relevant information; perfect for our association! I would recommend Jeff for any audience, any venue, any profession: people need to hear his message!””

Michael Bork, Conference Chair, 2019 ARPA Annual Conference

“Jeff’s presentation was a big hit at our conference. Opening peoples eyes to what we all know but never dare think about, how distracting our technology can be for our everyday lives. Jeff’s presentation had an immediate effect on how I view my phone and technology as a whole while keeping our delegates engaged with his comedic breaks and observations!”

Ray DeFalco, President of the Rhode Island Recreation and Park Association

Jeff’s closing General Session presentation was one of the reasons the participants called this year’s Symposium, one of the best ever. Jeff is a true talent!”

New York State Corrections and Youth Services Association

“Excellent presenter – please bring him back next year!”…”Funny, entertaining speaker, leaving me wanting to hear more.”…Funny, fun and informative!”

Appalachian Mountain Club Summit

“I’ve been to many presentations over the years through work but Jeff’s stood out to me more than most”

Adam Graber – Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

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