As the son of a Boy Scout leader and National Ski Patrolman, Jeff was born with a folding camp spoon in his mouth. He learned at a young age the awe of the outdoors, planting the seeds, as it were, for a lifelong obsession with finding fun in avoiding giardia, hypothermia, and frost bite.

At the age of 17 he was so inspired by Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken he set off on the road less traveled. Seven hours later, however, he was cold and hungry and returned home grumbling, “Stupid poets and their stupid metaphors.” Despite this hard lesson, it exposed him to the power of words.

While living in Vail, Colorado Jeff merged his two passions – the outdoors and words – and became a nationally touring stand-up comedian and writer.

After more than 20 years on the national comedy circuit he has honed his clean comedy act to become an in-demand corporate comedian and  speaker while also serving as an ambassador for Mountain Khakis.

When not writing about himself in the third person Jeff spends his time sitting on his cabin’s front deck in tattered shorts and a thick Patagonia fleece jacket brooding about nothing in particular.

Some past corporate comedy clients include: BNSF Railroad, Braxton Technologies, Colorado Mountain College, Copper Mountain, Idaho Optometrists Association, Michigan Tech, Pepsi, Price Waterhouse, Sierra Club, Holiday Valley Ski Resort, and the USO.

His humor articles have appeared in more than 40 publications including Outside Bozeman, London’s Salt Magazine, and the Explorer Club’s Explorers Journal.

Humor Article Samples

“The Root of My Addiction”


“James Bond Environmentalism: Has the hype of green acts gone too far?”


“Energy Bars for Dogs”